My first me made day

It’s my first totally me made outfit (no I am not making my own bras or tights)! introducing the button down beignet skirt and my parenchyma scout tee.


The Beignet is from Colette patterns and was super satisfying to make, although petrifying to have to finish it and then do all the button holes – they didn’t come out half bad though! Thanks to my fancy Janome. The fashion fabric is from my favourite Tooting shop and was £4 for the meter – just the one needed.  I had some burgundy lining and cotton that I’d bought years ago when I was going to learn to sew and didn’t. Got the cute ivory buttons from ebay – they look a bit like shells – but art deco ones. The best bit of  making this skirt was sewing the fashion fabric together and seeing the transformation of flat fabric in to a curvy three dimensional object, it’s truly amazing. Worst bit was realising that not only was it a bit pointless binding my seams on the inside since it’s fully lined, but also that the process stretched the seams out due to the drape in the fabric. I think it’s only me or someone with a hypercritical eye that would notice the slight bulk under the seams – live and learn. Dead chuffed with it!


The top is the Scout Tee pattern from Grainline Studios. I french seamed the whole thing including the arm seams :) I love French seams, they are so pretty. Fabric is a geometric print lawn from Fabric Godmother, but looks like it’s all gone (apart from the left over bit I have for lining something special). Called it the parenchyma tee in honor of the print – I was thinking those onion skin cells which you look at in science lessons were parenchyma cells and that is what the fabric looks exactly like. Parenchyma cells are the bulk of cells in the body, so I guess that is the correct term. Lawn is a very finely woven cotton and you need a thinner needle – I could hear the thick needle I was using punching through the fabric and it was a lot quieter when I put a thinner needle in. It’s fun when your senses start to kick in when you are learning a new skill, there is only so much a book can teach you.



And one from the back – not great pics as we don’t have a light in the living room yet and it was raining out this September morn and don’t want to get a photo backlog.  Do love my orange shoes, but you’ll be glad to hear I found my grey brogues before leaving the house. OK, off to pop that invisible zipper in the next project…. only ripped it out three times so far.




One response to “My first me made day

  1. Debbie

    omg you sound so professional! :) x

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