2013 round up

The sewing blogosphere is rife with 2013 round ups, so I thought I’d add my own thoughts as NYE draws in. Since taking up sewing about 6 months ago, I have made 4 skirts (2 x Miette by Tilly, 1 x Beignet by Colette and 1 x self-drafted circle skirt). I made 2 x scout tees and 1 x tiny pocket tank from grainline studios. I re-lined my favourite jacket and made 2 quilts! I have 3 UFOs which I need to finish. 1 x blue crepe skirt which I had to stop making when the invisible zipper kept going wrinkly for fear of wasting the precious fabric in anger,  but which I will tackle before I go back to work by stablising the fabric. 1 x rayon/linen blend Zinia skirt, which is waiting for 8 more handworked buttonholes as my sewing machine chewed the fabric up when trying to insert the buttonholes. I think it’s becasue the placket was not interfaced….. And one almost finished skirt salvaged from my disastrous Christmas dress, but it’s tartan and in hindsight possibly a fabric choice error…. OMG almost forgot my first jacket – a wool Victoria Blazer by By Hand London! The fabric is not my style really, it’s purple and white, neither colours I actually wear and added to that it’s freezing and the jacket has an autumnal feel, so haven’t worked out how to style it yet, hence it’s unblogged. I am quite sure it’s a grower and will get some good outings, including on this blog, in 2014.

tiny pocket tank

Tiny pocket tank crazed look selfie

First quilt

Back of my first baby quilt. The front was checker board of the same fabrics but I like this freestyle side best!

Looking forward, my immediate sewing aims are to complete at least 2 of the UFOs I just described. Longer term, I joined Sarah’s RTW fast :) That’s no bought clothing apart from knickers and socks for all 2014! Aside from one scarf, I’ve fasted since August and am just really into the idea. While it’s taking me ages to make each garment, I have (almost) sorted out my sewing room and got lots of patterns, fabrics and notions ready and read lots of tutorials. Ideas are settling in my head – so good to be creative! I know I want to make a coordinating wardrobe so am going to take care (to try) not to keep buying lots of random fabric. It’s nice to do without spending all the cash and time wandering around clothes shops. I’ll say now that have decided to buy one hand knitted cardigan when I find one I like. I won’t regard this as breaking the fast because I have been planning this since October but not got round to shopping for one yet.

Here’s some pics of my best hauls of 2013 – apart from the Walthamstow haul which was epic.

Brighton haul

Brighton haul

Mabel's haul

Mabel’s haul

Here’s to a happy and sewing-filled 2014! x


One response to “2013 round up

  1. Debbie

    Very productive year indeed!! i sewed 3 buttons back on my coat and thought i’d done well ;) i look forward to reading the 2014 blog additions immensely xx

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