I’ve started to sew!

I’ve started to sew!

Having been meaning to learn to sew properly after years of dabbling with making rough and ready xmas stockings and the like, I have finally got on with it and made my first skirt! I started going on about wanting to sew after watching Great British Sewing Bee and my friend Sarah told me to get on with making Tilly’s Miette Skirt. OK she didn’t tell me exactly, but I took her suggestion and downloaded the pattern and got started. First up I made one out of Holland Print in a big bold patter which I love. Made sure not to get a flower right on my arse and I think the effect is quite balanced – got a complement on it the very next day from the woman at the West Norwood Feast’s Retro Vintage Market who’s stuff I always covet. Anyways if you are thinking to start sewing, I couldn’t recommend this skirt highly enough – it’s straightforward, Tilly’s instructions and step-by-step guide are brilliant and easy to follow. Had my hand held every step of the way. Thanks Tilly!


(these photos made me realise this top is weirdly booby – it’s now in the trash)

I really wanted one with pockets and so got this linen (or some sort of lineny fabric anyway). It was much harder to press, cut and sew – it was all drapey and kept wanting to change shape. Then when I got the skirt all sewn up, the hem was much longer on one side. After reading loads of sewing blogs and thinking about it, I hung the skirt up on a hanger for a couple of days to let it fall out (giving me time to accept it and not start hacking with disastro results) and then pinned it where I wanted on the 2/3rds which were the same length and then drew round the pattern piece, crossed my fingers and trimmed off the extra.

Here’s the first photo shoot anyway, feel kind of weirded, but told myself I have to post the pics on a blog because I’ve started lurking around loads of cool sewing blogs and it’s only fair to share.


I called the blog ‘Sew pretty on the inside’ because I just love secret prettiness – shoes that are gold on the inside, cupboards with decadent or surprise decoupage on the inside – and Hollandaise pockets!! The waistband facings are in the matching print, forgot to take photos of the rest of insides…


…. which leads me to my next point. I named the blog to remind myself to learn how to sew garments that are well made on the inside as well as out. I just know if they don’t fit good and look pretty inside I won’t wear them. Excitement! x